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Welcome to Los Gatos Doctors

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Important information on using this site:  The purpose of this web site is to inform our current and future patients about our office. It is not intended to offer emergency information or assistance. 
We are a private Family Practice, located in Los Gatos, California, directly across from El Camino/Los Gatos Community Hospital.  Dr. Davies, Dr. Shade and Dr. Ritz, believe compassion and understanding are important in providing the highest quality of care to their patients.  They provide a wide range of health care services including treatment for acute illnesses, well checks, annual exams, school/sports physicals, immunizations and a variety of preventative health screenings.  Our staff is friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to help with all your medical needs.                                                   

Information on the California Health Exchange/Covered California


While Drs. Davies, Shade and Ritz participate in Blue Shield and Blue Cross’ PPO plans, they will not be providers for the Blue Shield and Blue Cross Covered California plans.   These plans may look similar to the old PPO plans, but they will have a more narrow group of providers who are part of the plan.  Their reimbursement to the physicians is less than what Medicare is reimbursing at this time.

Please note that this does not mean that you cannot be a patient at our office if you have insurance through the exchange.  For many patients who come to our office 1-2 times a year, the cost of paying for those visits as an out of network patient will be less than the cost differential between the premiums of exchange vs. non-exchange plans.  We offer a 10% discount for patients paying for their visit on the same day they are seen.

We value you as our patients and hope that we can continue to be a part of your healthcare team!

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8/1/2013 - Medication refills


For ongoing prescriptions we generally give you enough refills to last until you are due for an office visit. When you notice that you are on your last refill, it is a good time to call and schedule that visit–don’t wait until your last pill! If it is not time for a visit and you do need a refill, alert your pharmacy a week before you will run out so that they can contact us for an authorization. Try not to wait until the bottle is empty because we don’t want you to run out of your medication!

The popularity of mail away 90 day pharmacies is usually helpful for you the patient.  We will write enough until you are due to be seen, but since life does not fall in 90 day blocks it can get tricky. This is especially true when it can take 2 weeks from refill request until the bottles arrives in your mailbox. We will not refill 90 days if you are due for a visit.  If you can’t get in for some reason, we will call in 30 days locally until your visit.

Daily we hear from patients that their mail away company says that we have not faxed in their refill when we have done it days before. Our theory is that it is easier for them to say that than to look at their records! Again, we do these every day unless we tell you we are changing to 30 days locally until an office visit. Please make sure you get the proper form to us, all filled out and ready to fax, to minimize delay.

We are flooded with refill requests on Mondays, so if you call your pharmacy on a day you know your doctor usually works (other than a Monday), that makes everything easier here. We make every effort to authorize refills on the day we get the request.

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8/1/2013- Insurance changes


Please check our Insurance Info tab for current contact information.

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